How to Renew Domain in Bluehost Hosting

Undoubtedly Bluehost is the front runner in terms of hosting services. However, very few are aware of the fact that it has the domain registration facility as well. Though many offer hosting facility, but very few hold the option of registration. On this context, Bluehost is completely unique. It is a perfect domain registrar. Also it is best for hosting your website. On this page you will find more information about Bluehost web hosting and various coupons of Bluehost.

Upon registering with it the user gets domain cancellation notice about 6 months prior the expiry. In fact, you keep on having notices like this through mail each week until you renew the process or end it. Check out below on how to renew through Bluehost.

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Get notified over the mail:

Yes, the user keeps on getting mail notifications few weeks prior the expiry of the domain. Irrespective of the kind of blogs, or site, you can apply the steps for renewing the service.

Steps for renewal of a Domain

The best part of the process is that Bluehost make the instructions available over the mail for renewal of the domain. You can find a line-up of domain names those have been registered through the hosting house.

Do the initial steps:

Now pick the domain that you are interested in renewing. You can have the option of setting the time limit, or extent regarding the renewal of the domain name. Anyway, 1 year is set as a standard. Adjacent to the stacked domain line-up you can have the renewal button. Click on it for the specific domain. Now it asks for confirmation, and you have to press OK option.


Once you have followed the above steps it takes you for payment option. There is option of payment through debit cards, credit cards, account transfer method, cheques, or even through money order. In addition, the payment can be made through reward accounts as well. Anyway, the user has the flexibility of choosing the payment pattern.

Upon successful payment, Bluehost leaves a message confirming the payment made.

Check your inbox:

Once you have registered efficiently, Bluehost sends an email notifying that you have done the renewal process in the best way. However, sometimes you don’t get it. On this occasion, you need to contact the customer care and let them know about it. They will definitely do something on this regard. In addition, you will receive the feedback as well. It doesn’t take too late on this regard. You can say this is something like quite spontaneous on its way.

Following the instructions given above can certainly make your renewal process done efficiently. Anyway, if still issues appear on your way, then we are always waiting for your crucial messages in the form of comments. Hope you like our effort.

Best Business Strategies for your Web Hosting Business

All business depends more or less on customer satisfaction. But when it comes to web hosting, it’s almost totally about customer satisfaction. No matter how greater scale of technical resources you have, you can’t make money off it unless you have a satisfied consumer base. That group of people must be happy enough to suggest your hosting service to some other people as well. If you are a web hosting reseller then the strategy is going to be bit different than owning one. However, customer satisfaction lies in depth of both. To occupy more of a market share, you can’t but have to study on market feasibility, your consumer base, latest technologies and marketing.



Following are the methods to keep you more acceptable to your potential customer base.

Social Media Marketing

The whole wide world is now connected through the social media networks; admit it or not. Almost everyone takes a peek on their favorite social media website even for a slightest bit of time every day. Rather than choosing any other media, make your more acquainted with social media marketing. If your plan is to make money through Pay per Click (PPC); time to think again. PPC is turning out to be obsolete now! Delivering your ads to such websites won’t probably get you the focus you are looking for. Instead, optimize your website to fit into Google’s SEO policies. This way your hosting service marketing policy will get more consumer attention.

Hosting Uptime

How long your website stays online on any given time of any day is the most important assurance customers would expect from a web hosting provider. No matter what happens customers always want to see their website is accessible from anywhere on earth. Here comes the impact of PPC vs. SEO again. If the marketing strategy is solely based on PPC then the uptime might not make huge difference, but SEO would. If your server is offline when Google is going through your pages to serve a search request; the result will not include websites hosted on your hosting. As a result, you are certainly going to lose your customers. Use your hosting uptime guarantee as a marketing trick to grab clients.

Combination of Infrastructure and Business

Apart from few minor flaws, your hosting service should never be totally offline. If you are reselling hosting, choose one provider who offers effective backup strategies. Why would you compensate your investment for some mistake that you have not done? And if you own the web hosting service then spend good amount to maintain your resources. When you are done with the infrastructure, literally show it off in a humble way to attract clients to your hosting service.

Go Global

From setting up a webhost server to marketing, go global in both aspects. Set up servers in different hotspots of the world to make sure customers from every corner get to subscribe to your web hosting at ease, and provide sufficient bandwidth to them. Make the marketing go global to get clients from across the world. The whole world is a global village now and you can’t afford to fall backwards.


As time passes, more websites are going to be online soon. This growth industry can surely make huge money, if it is properly done. Form a good owner-client relation and provide the best service; no one would be able to stop you from being rich!