Hi All, I am Jason Cox from South Burlington and a marketing manager by profession. I work very hard to fulfill all the dreams of my family. Marketing job involves lot of travel and powerful communication skills. I travel to many different places as well as meet people with different cultural background. I also like surfing the Internet and playing cricket. I also read a lot during my travel time and this encouraged me to write. I also enjoy spending quality time with friends and family.

Blogging my start

My passion for reading got me to writing. I created my blog and started sharing my experience of traveling. I write on various travel destinations, the culture of that place and its delicious cuisines that I enjoy. People have appreciated my writing and thoughts and I simply love reading their comments that help me encourage writing more. I also provide tips for people who travel alone as it can help them to prepare well for the trip. I have also received suggestions and request to write on various topics. People with similar interests and who also enjoy writing are welcome and can contact me to share their thoughts via my blog.