Advantages and Disadvantages of WP Engine

WP Engine is a managed web hosting that is specific for only hosting WordPress contents, blogs and users. WP Engine is managed in the background by skilled and professional technologists who are responsible for monitoring the website with continuous upgrades and handle the security of the website. There are millions of users who have chosen to use WP Engine to host their WordPress site and monetize the website with thousands of viewers every day. With pros, it has few consĀ  as well attached to it. Let us take a look at the advantage and disadvantages of WP Engine.

wp engine pros and cons

Advantages of using WP Engine

It is a managed host and thus curates the website content via professional expertise. With the growth and view of your website it requires more skilled people to handle the security, regularly update the software, take care of speed and maintain the uptime percentage. WP Engine is able to do all that for you without limiting bandwidth and also handle the traffic towards your website. They provide discount coupons for new users. Use WP Engine coupon while checkout.

WP Engine offers great speed, performance, security and 24 x 7 excellent customer supports that make it a popular choice. WP Engine has greatly contributed in increasing website speed and this helps in increasing Google Ranking. The faster your website downloads the better is the ranking and high is the traffic. It prevents downtime time and doesn’t affect traffic direction.

All the software are automatically updated and backed up. In the case of website crash, it is very easy to restore the matter and content.

There are different types of packages at different prices and it can be used as per your needs. A package can also be customised. All the packages include the basic features of unlimited data transfer, software updates, scanning of malware and professional management of the website in the background.

It is great for someone running their business or blogs with money in mind because it helps you earn great revenues and get profit.

It offers a 60-day money back guarantee which is one of the major advantages of using WP Engine as if not satisfied the money is returned to the client without any loss.


With the pros, there are some cons attached to WP Engine. It is one of the widely used WordPress supporting website host and the limitation is only to WordPress content management. One of the major drawbacks of using WP Engine is its limited options. It is compatible only with certain plugins and also has limited storage space.

Pricing is the major disadvantage because it majorly supports only the business users as far as price is concerned. The basic plan comes around $29.00 but has limitations to only 25000 viewers with reduced bandwidth. I read many blogs on the internet, where they are stating that 25k page views are not enough. You can visit blog and find our various other options. For someone running an online store or earning heaps of revenue it is great to choose business, professional or premium package but for newcomers, it is on the expensive side.

If you are already running a website, its migration to WP Engine is tough as it requires a bit of technical skills and specialised knowledge.

The storage space for all the plans is limited adding to another drawback. The personal or basic plan has only 10GB of storage space and with the professional plan having 20GB and business plan having 30GB of storage space. The speed-enhancing CDN is not available with the personal plan and to add it a price of $19.95 is to be paid making the entire thing more expensive.


WP Engine has both advantage and disadvantage to it but using it to host your website completely depends on the requirement. Despite the cons, it is one of the widely used managed website host and clients are known to earn lots of revenue out of it.

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