SiteGround vs. Arvixe Web Hosting – Which one to Choose?

For lower price, both SiteGround and Arvixe comes with some pretty good and decent features. The consumer for shared web hosting plans are usually the newbies in this field, people who are starting a website for their business or making the website their business. To meet these requirements, Arvixe and SiteGround both have many spectacular features. Not just the newcomers, there are higher priced and better configured advanced website hosting plans with much advanced features as well.


If a comparison is to be done, which would be more preferable to a newbie website owner? This is a very frequently received question. While there’s no specific answer to this question, we have tried to make an elaboration by describing these two company’s website hosting plans and specifications.

Website Hosting

SiteGround has shared hosting, WordPress based shared hosting, dedicated servers, cloud servers, reseller hosting plans etc. Many web hosting blogs given good to excellent review to SiteGround. On the other hand, Arvixe refers to these plans by Class. Shared website hosting is offered under Personal Class, whilst the dedicated hosting plans are offered under Business Class, Reseller Class etc. VPS Class is another class where user could buy a Virtual Private Server and use it for any purpose.

However, among these all usually the shared hosting plans are most popular with any website hosting company. Dedicated servers come afterwards, other options like cloud hosting and VPS servers are usually personal preferences.

Shared Website Hosting

In a shared hosting plan, many websites are usually hosted on one computing platform. As the resources are being shared, the pricing is usually much lower than the dedicated servers but there’s no guarantee about the superiority of service.

SiteGround has three different shared hosting plans, ranging from $3.95/month to $14.95/month by using a siteground deal. The initial plan comes with only one domain registration while the latter comes with multiple, and the hard drive space is higher as well.


On the other hand, Arvixe offers two Linux based shared website hosting plans named Personal Class, and Personal Class pro. Both offers unlimited data space, bandwidth etc. The first one costs $4/month while the latter comes for $7/month. The same plan costs $5/month and $8/month with a Windows OS based server, under Arvixe’s Personal Class ASP and Personal Class ASP Pro plans.

Dedicated Servers

Though the shared hosting plans from Arvixe are costlier than the SiteGround shared hosting plans, the case is opposite with the managed dedicated servers. SiteGround has three dedicated server plans while Arvixe has a handful of them.

SiteGround’s initial dedicated server named Entry Server costs $229/month; and the highest tier dedicated server named Enterprise server costs $429/month. Both these plans are based on Intel Xeon CPU, different configuration of course.

The lowest tier Arvixe managed dedicated server costs $128.70/month whereas the highest tier server costs $357.50/month. The pricing is much lower than SiteGround’s highest tier dedicated server plan.

WordPress Hosting

Apart from the regular shared and dedicated web servers, both of these companies offer WordPress based web hosting as well. Arvixe offers managed WordPress hosting which is available at around $100; on the other hand SiteGround only offers a WordPress plugin enabled shared web hosting plan at the same price of the same; there’s nothing much technical with the SiteGround’s hosting plan.

Site Uptime Guarantee

Both companies claim 99.9% server uptime guarantee. To some extents, both companies have legit claims. The uptime is around 98.5% and above for the whole time, that’s enough because a human made system can’t truly be 100% error free. Arvixe has better track records of server uptime, though.

Customer Service

Both Arvixe and SiteGround has several different methods of providing customer service to their customers – over 24/7 hotline number, via email, or via live chat. All these methods work just fine and customers are mostly satisfied with the output, according to many user reviews.


As it appears, both Arvixe offers flexible packages for website hosting. If you require Windows based hosting, Arvixe should be your choice. Otherwise both works just fine.

Advantages and Disadvantages of WP Engine

WP Engine is a managed web hosting that is specific for only hosting WordPress contents, blogs and users. WP Engine is managed in the background by skilled and professional technologists who are responsible for monitoring the website with continuous upgrades and handle the security of the website. There are millions of users who have chosen to use WP Engine to host their WordPress site and monetize the website with thousands of viewers every day. With pros, it has few cons  as well attached to it. Let us take a look at the advantage and disadvantages of WP Engine.

wp engine pros and cons

Advantages of using WP Engine

It is a managed host and thus curates the website content via professional expertise. With the growth and view of your website it requires more skilled people to handle the security, regularly update the software, take care of speed and maintain the uptime percentage. WP Engine is able to do all that for you without limiting bandwidth and also handle the traffic towards your website. They provide discount coupons for new users. Use WP Engine coupon while checkout.

WP Engine offers great speed, performance, security and 24 x 7 excellent customer supports that make it a popular choice. WP Engine has greatly contributed in increasing website speed and this helps in increasing Google Ranking. The faster your website downloads the better is the ranking and high is the traffic. It prevents downtime time and doesn’t affect traffic direction.

All the software are automatically updated and backed up. In the case of website crash, it is very easy to restore the matter and content.

There are different types of packages at different prices and it can be used as per your needs. A package can also be customised. All the packages include the basic features of unlimited data transfer, software updates, scanning of malware and professional management of the website in the background.

It is great for someone running their business or blogs with money in mind because it helps you earn great revenues and get profit.

It offers a 60-day money back guarantee which is one of the major advantages of using WP Engine as if not satisfied the money is returned to the client without any loss.


With the pros, there are some cons attached to WP Engine. It is one of the widely used WordPress supporting website host and the limitation is only to WordPress content management. One of the major drawbacks of using WP Engine is its limited options. It is compatible only with certain plugins and also has limited storage space.

Pricing is the major disadvantage because it majorly supports only the business users as far as price is concerned. The basic plan comes around $29.00 but has limitations to only 25000 viewers with reduced bandwidth. I read many blogs on the internet, where they are stating that 25k page views are not enough. You can visit blog and find our various other options. For someone running an online store or earning heaps of revenue it is great to choose business, professional or premium package but for newcomers, it is on the expensive side.

If you are already running a website, its migration to WP Engine is tough as it requires a bit of technical skills and specialised knowledge.

The storage space for all the plans is limited adding to another drawback. The personal or basic plan has only 10GB of storage space and with the professional plan having 20GB and business plan having 30GB of storage space. The speed-enhancing CDN is not available with the personal plan and to add it a price of $19.95 is to be paid making the entire thing more expensive.


WP Engine has both advantage and disadvantage to it but using it to host your website completely depends on the requirement. Despite the cons, it is one of the widely used managed website host and clients are known to earn lots of revenue out of it.

Benefits a Reseller Hosting and How You Can Undertake It

Out of many types of different web hosting services, re-seller hosting basically involves indirect selling of a hosting plan. It’s basically being a middleman between a hosting purchaser and a seller. The seller doesn’t own the hosting server; he basically sells a hosting from some company in probably a discounted rate. To create own hosting server spaces, it’s required to purchase a whole lot of resources like data storage’s, servers, big damn computers, interlinks between them and of course bandwidth in a huge amount. On the other hand, when someone decides to resell hosting subscription from some company, it’s just some paperwork and being permitted to do so.

Reseller Hosting

To keep the business up and running, re-seller hosting packs has to go for lower price than the usual rates. At the same time, it has to make some profit. All successful re-sellers usually find a way to balance between these do and as an entrepreneur, if you are planning to go for this business you must figure out your own ways. Depending on how many hosting plans you can sell, the more you will make money on an exponential basis. This whole thing is a bit complicated and one should be giving second thoughts before getting into the job.

Saves Money for a Startup

If you plan on starting a hosting business and don’t own enough money to set up your own data centers, then a reseller hosting is a much smaller yet timely alternative. Maybe when you make enough money you could set your own servers up? Well don’t expect to be rich overnight just selling other companies’ hosting plans, but you could always make more money by working hard. Search for a company that sells resell hosting plans and offers easier reachability. Purchase their plans and also get a decent amount of bandwidths as well. The bigger your lump is, the more money you stand a chance to make.

Decide your Reselling Price

Setting the price in the perfect level is one most difficult job for hosting re-sellers. The purchasing price is quite high for a business and one has to make the profiting window out of that. We assume the server space and bandwidth chunk amount you have purchased is remarkably large, hence there should be a moderate price which would get you a head start with moderate profit in the beginning. As time goes and your business gets bigger, you may readjust the pricing structure for a bigger profit window. Better review your marketing courses and also use your brain to make the correct decision since it’s one of the most difficult parts in a hosting reselling business.

Make Catchy Promotions

Let people know there’s a new cheap web hosting re-seller in town. Also ensure that this service might be inexpensive but not cheap, they are getting a whole lot of advantages for the competitive price. The better the promotion is, the more market growth you could expect. Promotion online might take some SEO knowledge, and offline promotion takes a basic set of knowledge in marketing. The whole thing is a bit technical, but you have to learn these.


Once you are done doing the above steps, your business should get into a smooth velocity. Given that everything goes right, you can expect moderate to high profit in a short term.

How to Renew Domain in Bluehost Hosting

Undoubtedly Bluehost is the front runner in terms of hosting services. However, very few are aware of the fact that it has the domain registration facility as well. Though many offer hosting facility, but very few hold the option of registration. On this context, Bluehost is completely unique. It is a perfect domain registrar. Also it is best for hosting your website. On this page you will find more information about Bluehost web hosting and various coupons of Bluehost.

Upon registering with it the user gets domain cancellation notice about 6 months prior the expiry. In fact, you keep on having notices like this through mail each week until you renew the process or end it. Check out below on how to renew through Bluehost.

domain renew bluehost coupon

Get notified over the mail:

Yes, the user keeps on getting mail notifications few weeks prior the expiry of the domain. Irrespective of the kind of blogs, or site, you can apply the steps for renewing the service.

Steps for renewal of a Domain

The best part of the process is that Bluehost make the instructions available over the mail for renewal of the domain. You can find a line-up of domain names those have been registered through the hosting house.

Do the initial steps:

Now pick the domain that you are interested in renewing. You can have the option of setting the time limit, or extent regarding the renewal of the domain name. Anyway, 1 year is set as a standard. Adjacent to the stacked domain line-up you can have the renewal button. Click on it for the specific domain. Now it asks for confirmation, and you have to press OK option.


Once you have followed the above steps it takes you for payment option. There is option of payment through debit cards, credit cards, account transfer method, cheques, or even through money order. In addition, the payment can be made through reward accounts as well. Anyway, the user has the flexibility of choosing the payment pattern.

Upon successful payment, Bluehost leaves a message confirming the payment made.

Check your inbox:

Once you have registered efficiently, Bluehost sends an email notifying that you have done the renewal process in the best way. However, sometimes you don’t get it. On this occasion, you need to contact the customer care and let them know about it. They will definitely do something on this regard. In addition, you will receive the feedback as well. It doesn’t take too late on this regard. You can say this is something like quite spontaneous on its way.

Following the instructions given above can certainly make your renewal process done efficiently. Anyway, if still issues appear on your way, then we are always waiting for your crucial messages in the form of comments. Hope you like our effort.

Best Business Strategies for your Web Hosting Business

All business depends more or less on customer satisfaction. But when it comes to web hosting, it’s almost totally about customer satisfaction. No matter how greater scale of technical resources you have, you can’t make money off it unless you have a satisfied consumer base. That group of people must be happy enough to suggest your hosting service to some other people as well. If you are a web hosting reseller then the strategy is going to be bit different than owning one. However, customer satisfaction lies in depth of both. To occupy more of a market share, you can’t but have to study on market feasibility, your consumer base, latest technologies and marketing.



Following are the methods to keep you more acceptable to your potential customer base.

Social Media Marketing

The whole wide world is now connected through the social media networks; admit it or not. Almost everyone takes a peek on their favorite social media website even for a slightest bit of time every day. Rather than choosing any other media, make your more acquainted with social media marketing. If your plan is to make money through Pay per Click (PPC); time to think again. PPC is turning out to be obsolete now! Delivering your ads to such websites won’t probably get you the focus you are looking for. Instead, optimize your website to fit into Google’s SEO policies. This way your hosting service marketing policy will get more consumer attention.

Hosting Uptime

How long your website stays online on any given time of any day is the most important assurance customers would expect from a web hosting provider. No matter what happens customers always want to see their website is accessible from anywhere on earth. Here comes the impact of PPC vs. SEO again. If the marketing strategy is solely based on PPC then the uptime might not make huge difference, but SEO would. If your server is offline when Google is going through your pages to serve a search request; the result will not include websites hosted on your hosting. As a result, you are certainly going to lose your customers. Use your hosting uptime guarantee as a marketing trick to grab clients.

Combination of Infrastructure and Business

Apart from few minor flaws, your hosting service should never be totally offline. If you are reselling hosting, choose one provider who offers effective backup strategies. Why would you compensate your investment for some mistake that you have not done? And if you own the web hosting service then spend good amount to maintain your resources. When you are done with the infrastructure, literally show it off in a humble way to attract clients to your hosting service.

Go Global

From setting up a webhost server to marketing, go global in both aspects. Set up servers in different hotspots of the world to make sure customers from every corner get to subscribe to your web hosting at ease, and provide sufficient bandwidth to them. Make the marketing go global to get clients from across the world. The whole world is a global village now and you can’t afford to fall backwards.


As time passes, more websites are going to be online soon. This growth industry can surely make huge money, if it is properly done. Form a good owner-client relation and provide the best service; no one would be able to stop you from being rich!