SiteGround vs. Arvixe Web Hosting – Which one to Choose?

For lower price, both SiteGround and Arvixe comes with some pretty good and decent features. The consumer for shared web hosting plans are usually the newbies in this field, people who are starting a website for their business or making the website their business. To meet these requirements, Arvixe and SiteGround both have many spectacular features. Not just the newcomers, there are higher priced and better configured advanced website hosting plans with much advanced features as well.


If a comparison is to be done, which would be more preferable to a newbie website owner? This is a very frequently received question. While there’s no specific answer to this question, we have tried to make an elaboration by describing these two company’s website hosting plans and specifications.

Website Hosting

SiteGround has shared hosting, WordPress based shared hosting, dedicated servers, cloud servers, reseller hosting plans etc. Many web hosting blogs given good to excellent review to SiteGround. On the other hand, Arvixe refers to these plans by Class. Shared website hosting is offered under Personal Class, whilst the dedicated hosting plans are offered under Business Class, Reseller Class etc. VPS Class is another class where user could buy a Virtual Private Server and use it for any purpose.

However, among these all usually the shared hosting plans are most popular with any website hosting company. Dedicated servers come afterwards, other options like cloud hosting and VPS servers are usually personal preferences.

Shared Website Hosting

In a shared hosting plan, many websites are usually hosted on one computing platform. As the resources are being shared, the pricing is usually much lower than the dedicated servers but there’s no guarantee about the superiority of service.

SiteGround has three different shared hosting plans, ranging from $3.95/month to $14.95/month by using a siteground deal. The initial plan comes with only one domain registration while the latter comes with multiple, and the hard drive space is higher as well.


On the other hand, Arvixe offers two Linux based shared website hosting plans named Personal Class, and Personal Class pro. Both offers unlimited data space, bandwidth etc. The first one costs $4/month while the latter comes for $7/month. The same plan costs $5/month and $8/month with a Windows OS based server, under Arvixe’s Personal Class ASP and Personal Class ASP Pro plans.

Dedicated Servers

Though the shared hosting plans from Arvixe are costlier than the SiteGround shared hosting plans, the case is opposite with the managed dedicated servers. SiteGround has three dedicated server plans while Arvixe has a handful of them.

SiteGround’s initial dedicated server named Entry Server costs $229/month; and the highest tier dedicated server named Enterprise server costs $429/month. Both these plans are based on Intel Xeon CPU, different configuration of course.

The lowest tier Arvixe managed dedicated server costs $128.70/month whereas the highest tier server costs $357.50/month. The pricing is much lower than SiteGround’s highest tier dedicated server plan.

WordPress Hosting

Apart from the regular shared and dedicated web servers, both of these companies offer WordPress based web hosting as well. Arvixe offers managed WordPress hosting which is available at around $100; on the other hand SiteGround only offers a WordPress plugin enabled shared web hosting plan at the same price of the same; there’s nothing much technical with the SiteGround’s hosting plan.

Site Uptime Guarantee

Both companies claim 99.9% server uptime guarantee. To some extents, both companies have legit claims. The uptime is around 98.5% and above for the whole time, that’s enough because a human made system can’t truly be 100% error free. Arvixe has better track records of server uptime, though.

Customer Service

Both Arvixe and SiteGround has several different methods of providing customer service to their customers – over 24/7 hotline number, via email, or via live chat. All these methods work just fine and customers are mostly satisfied with the output, according to many user reviews.


As it appears, both Arvixe offers flexible packages for website hosting. If you require Windows based hosting, Arvixe should be your choice. Otherwise both works just fine.

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